Barielle Buddha-ful

Hello lovely people! :) I hope your weekend is going well!

So today I want to show you my very first Barielle! Actually I got 3 in a blog sale, but this is the first I tried. Since I ruined my nails recently AND I have been wearing a lot of brights lately I thought this would be a refreshing change.

So this is Buddha-ful. It is a duochrome flakie that shifts from blue to green, though the flakes are almost orangey. It is in a pale nude base.

I had not heard much about this colour, so I did not know that it seems to be made to be a topcoat. The base seemed dark enough so I tried to wear it on my own. Mistake if you ask me. See for yourself:

The flakes, when not colour-shifting, look like little pockmarks or something on my nails! Kinda gross. Honestly, it did not look TERRIBLE in person, but it definitely should go under something. Oh well, live and learn!

I think it will look FAB over something else. Have you used it? What do you recommend?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo, ~t


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