Elevation Polish – M’Goun & The Arches

I wore this so long ago! I love both of these Elevation Polishes. M’Goun came out in the Morocco Collection, and The Arches has been around for quite a while. This was one of those layering experiments where I wore Arches for a day then added M’Goun.

The Arches is a rust-ish creme. Not the sort of shade I usually go for but I LOVED it on. I really wish I had of picked up The Arches at Sunset before it went bye bye. Two easy coats.




The Arches - noflash


Then I decided to top it off with the GORGEOUS M’Goun. This gorgeous glitter came out right about the time I started becoming obsessed with goldish glitters and is one of my fave Elevations now.





And a close up…

M'Goun - closeup



Have you ever tried combos just to see how they went together or wore shades that aren’t “you”, but you end up loving? Tell me about it below in the comments!


Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend.









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