NerdLacquer – All of Time and Space

My #1 polish lemming of ALL TIME. And I have waited a long time to wear it – I guess I was afraid of using it up, haha. But now that AMANDA IS BACK YAY and has a spiffy new website, I can BUY ALL THE NERDS!

Ahem. Yep, I am excited.

So let’s just get right into this. I will just say that as much as I wanted it, it certainly delivered. See what you think!

I mean…just…c’mon. Mint, fuchsia, and silver. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED.




I’m just…so speechless I do not know what else to say. At the time of posting this I have had it on 2 days and I will probably wear it for 2 weeks if it’ll last. Hmm, maybe I will wait and post this when it chips!


ETA: So I had this sitting as unpublished for a while I forgot about it! I wore this for over a week. YEAH.



Yeah. So. ALL THE NERDS. You?

Thanks for reading! xotara


10 thoughts on “NerdLacquer – All of Time and Space

    • YES! And actually the formula has improved! This one (before she left) sinks and stuff but I got a new one that does not sink. You will love it :)

  1. I have no nerds…yet. This is a great polish on you. I do know the feeling of not using a lemming. I’ve had my NIB Clarins 230 since Christmas. I’m too afraid to open it!! :)

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