Fruity-licious (Twinsie Tuesday)





Well hi there Tuesday. Long time no see. I am going to do my best to join in every week again because I miss it! Although this week was, to be honest, uninspiring for me, so I totally phoned it in :(



The theme is fruit mani. I did not get home until after 10pm last night and was exhausted. I stuck some fimo (that I bought today for this) on the polish I was already wearing (Island Girl Aloha Sunset) and called it good. What can I say, sometimes that is how it goes.



I’m quite positive you will find so much better from my Twinsies, but you know I appreciate you reading <3 <3 <3





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xo, ~t



14 thoughts on “Fruity-licious (Twinsie Tuesday)

    • Aww thanks dear :) I took it with my cellphone, even. And wtf is up with the formatting? Sheesh. I did it from my iPad in bed, haha, maybe that is why.

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