Elevation Polish – Urban Elevations Collection

We are halfway through! I can smell the weekend! Woo! This post will be a bit long…but WELL worth it!

OK, I am going to tell you now: I am going to be showing a LOT of Elevations in the next weeks. Lets go over again how awesome they are: they are amazing quality, gorgeous shades, each one has a great story behind it, the company is a small female owned business…AND they are for the price of Zoya! Cheapest indies I have seen, and best quality by far. Oh and did I mention she makes CREMES?!?!

Lulu has started doing TWO restocks a month; on the 7th and 22nd of every month. There are still some polishes for sale throughout the month, but the 7th is when the LEs and samples come out, and the 22nd has all the new stuff too except samples. For January, due to technical difficulties, the restock on the 7th was canceled but this means EVEN MORE on the 22nd!

And now, I am going to show you a collection that came out last month, and you will want to take a closer look at. Click through to see!

The Urban Elevations collection is a set of 4 gorgeous shades that are inspired by, you guessed it, urban locations! You can click on any photo to see it full size (and lots more detail)!

First up: Freeway Park. This is a bright Kelly Green with White frosted shimmer, hints of green and copper shimmer. It applied smoothly and had perfect coverage in 2 coats. Here is the story behind it:

Part of the Urban elevations collection. Freeway park is the most amazing park in Seattle, WA. It’s full of concrete and lush greenery. Such a strange combination. I used to cut through the park on my way to work when I lived in seattle. This park was a little bit of relaxation & peace when the streets never seemed quiet.

Taken with flash; color stays true in all lights.

Taken with flash; color stays true in all lights.



Now you know I am not a green person but I REALLY liked this. A lot more than I thought I would, if we are being honest. I think a lot of it has to do with the copper and especially the white. It adds a little something without getting too nature-y. While I do not know the specific park Lulu speaks of, I adore Seattle and have been there many many times, especially when I lived in Portland. This screams Pac NW to me and anything Pac NW makes me happy!

Next up: Ginza. Clear Base with Gunmetal medium sized glitter, Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Turquoise & Lavender small sized glitter. This is meant to be used as a topper polish. Lulu suggests a purple or green under it, so I paired it with China Glaze Creative Fantasy from the Cirque collection (which I will be showing you soon!). I did one easy coat, and no fishing for glitter! Inspiration:

Part of the Urban Elevations Collection. Ginza is an amazing sight. When I think of Ginza it reminds me of beauty and having the senses overwhelmed but in a good way. The colors of the buildings and lights. There is a little bit of everything.

Ginza 1



Tokyo is a place I absolutely hope to visit someday. Until then, I will believe what she says on this and it also reminds me a bit of Mardi Gras without the black.

Now we have one that is just…wow. Let me just say that seeing it in the bottle does it no justice. The Wit. From Lulu: Navy Jelly Base, Blue flakes, Blue, Green & Navy flash blue super small glitter *please note that this is a jelly base it will take several coats to remove visible nail line. I do recommend a base color to reduce the number of layers*

I personally did no base and 2 thick coats though I may suggest 3 thinner ones. Here is the story behind it:

The Wit (more specifically the roof @ the Wit) holds a special place in my heart. There was a very special night where my friends and I gathered from all across the country to meet up in Chicago. The night couldn’t have been more fun. Drinks, Good Friends, The beautiful night time Chicago skyline. Buildings twinkling like they were stars.



Closer. The effect is subtle yet amazing.

Closer. The effect is subtle yet amazing.

Last, but certainly not least, is Street Side, NYC. Betcha can’t guess where this is based out of! Dusty Mustard Yellow with Gold Shimmer and hints of green shimmer. The first coat did not go on so well for me, but after 2 coats it leveled out perfectly. I was VERY hesitant about this. Yellows have not been my friend, and they can be hard to wear. I have worn this twice already – I personally think it looks pretty good on me, and pretty flattering for many skin tones. And the compliments I have been getting on this…WOW. Seriously. Even if you don’t usually do yellow, splurge on this. I do not think you will regret it.

The polish is very smooth but I had a hard time getting the shimmer to show on the nail. It certainly looked amazing in person, but also please look at the bottle, as it showed off the shimmer quite nicely.

Streetside, NYC is inspired by just that. Standing on the street in New York City. The dusky yellow coloring comes from the Taxis, Light Poles & Street signs that liter the streets.

All of my closeups were blurry :( But look at this beauty!

All of my closeups were blurry :( But look at this beauty!

Elevation Polishes are $8 and you can check out what is coming up and find out more about the line at elevationpolish.com – be sure to get in on the restock, you will not regret it!

What are some of your faves from this collection?

Thanks so much for reading, xotara

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my unbiased review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


20 thoughts on “Elevation Polish – Urban Elevations Collection

  1. I am interested in trying this line – I only saw it in Dec for the first time start to show up on blogs but I like what I have seen and read…funny you say you are not a green person. I bet this is the yr to change that with Emerald being the it color! I find I don’t wear a ton of greens because I usually feel they look like St Patty’s day or Christmas when I get them on…but this yr we can break those thoughts! I did like Essie’s Mojoto Madness that came out last summer and I have a few ChG non holiday looking greens that sit and look at me asking please won’t you wear me? I also have 2 fan favs from Zoya that folks seem to love and they still are among my many untries.

    • You may be right…when I saw Emerald was the “it” color I groaned, but I also did that with last years tangerine then I was OBSESSED with orange! :) Mojito Madness was one that I never got! Every time I saw it online I thought, I NEED THIS!!! and then when I saw it in the store I would go, “eh…….”.

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