Guest Post: Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly

Hey everyone! Well today is my surgery and I have some pretty amazing bloggers who have so kindly agreed to guest-post for me…I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait until I am home and starting recovery to join you back here! Until then, please enjoy this post from the awesome Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly! xoxo tara

Hey Everyone!

Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly here filling in for Tara  Don’t worry, it’s just for today. You’ll have your Tara back shortly! I’m happy to be doing a guest post for Polishy of Truth because A. Tara’s swatches are always sooo awesome B. I’m a Depeche Mode fan myself “John the revelator, he’s a smooth operator! …” hehe.

Since I know Tara and I both share a huge amount of love for Indie polishes I decided to take out a very special one from my collection called Holoday Sugar Plum by Nerd Lacquer. My very first Indie purchase was Nerd Lacquer right before she exploded on the scene so I hold all my Nerds close to my heart.  When she went M.I.A. I was in total indie distress, so I’m beyond happy to hear she will be returning!


Btw…this was my first time actually wearing this and as much as I love Nerd Lacquer this was impossible to photograph because of all the holo and shimmer.




Thanks again Tara for sharing your corner of the blogosphere with me! I hope bringing out the Nerd Lacquer wasn’t too much of a tease ;)

Ohhhhhh my goodness! My fave color, its glitter and a FREAKING NERDLACQUER! Lady, you know how to start this off right! *swooooons* I have linked to Frosso’s blog up at the top, so if you have not checked out her blog before, don’t you think now is a great time? :) 



16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly

  1. I’m not nearly as big of an indie lover as you two, but this is really something. It’s girly and fun and just perfect!

    Good luck with everything today, lady! Thinking about you <3

  2. Full-on gorgeous, Frosso!! I wasn’t bitten by the indie bug until after NL went on hiatus, but now I’m so hopeful for her return. This looks totally amazing. ^_^

    Tara, you know I’m sending all my best! ♥♥♥

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