Twinsie Tuesday: Copycat

Happy birthday tooooo me!

(I love my birthday, so feel free to shower me with as much love and well-wishes as you like! ;-) )

But, let’s get down to the real business. Today’s theme, you don’t want to miss any of the gals in the group. WHat we are doing is, we did a random drawing and each of us was assigned a fellow Twinsie. Then, we are to recreate one of that Twinsie’s looks that is our personal favourite. As soon as I got my Twinsie, I knew exactly which look I was going to copy, as it was also a look I had yet to try but had been wanting to.

So, who did I get?

I got the beautiful Anne from Grape Fizz Nails!

So, here is her look I wanted to copy. Click the photo if you would like to read her whole post!

I happened to be at my local grocery store one night and just checking out their polish selection (not huge mind you), just to see if I could find anything similar. I picked one up in the same brand as hers and then realised it was the exact same colour! Score! It is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. Anne had mentioned that she wished she had done silver polish under the beaded nail, and I thought I’d try it, but I did not like how any of my silvers looked, so I kept it exactly like hers:

I think it turned out fairly well…I did not read any sort of instructions on how to do this, I thought, how hard can it be? However, my beads sunk quite a bit more than I would have liked…I put my topcoat on, then started to set them in…but of course the polish itself was still wet, so I think it sunk down through many layers (well I KNOW it did, when I took it off). Perhaps next time, I will wait until the lacquer is dry on that nail, THEN do topcoat, and lay them down. Such a fun look, though!

Have you tried the caviar/fish-egg look yet?

Please be sure to check out who the other ladies got!

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xo, ~t


40 thoughts on “Twinsie Tuesday: Copycat

  1. Consider yourself officially showered in love, well-wishes, and sparkly confetti–Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuuu!

    This is just such a gorgeous combination, and you did an amazing job with it, Tara! Hmm, I have this polish, I have some micro-beads…I think it’s finally time for me to give this style a shot! I’ll be psyched if my first attempt looks half this pretty. :D

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