Pretty & Polished Thursday: PnP Spam!

Hello hello! Since I missed PnP Thursday the last couple of weeks, I figured I would show you a bunch I have worn recently all at once! I found a memory card with some useable photos + some I wore recently. Yay!

ok! First we have Mind Control, a yummy glitter topcoat with teal squares and teal+holo mini glitters! This is 1 coat over butter LONDON Slapper (Previously reviewed here!):

No flash.


I really really loved that! Next, is one I did not love so much. If you look at the details, it has a lot going on, but it really did not translate into the overall look on the nail :( This is Power House, a sheer purple shimmery base with holo glitter and large blue hex glitter. 2 coats, no undies.

No flash. Hello, random blue hex falling off my finger but dried that wasy so it was a huge PITA to get off!

With flash.

Last (for today), but certainly not least, Valentino. This is a topcoat with black and silver glitters in various sizes, as well as I think some sort of translucent ones? This one was really fun! This one I wore a LONG time ago, and damn if I cannot remember the base. I know, this week I am having memory issues. But Tara (or as Brandi would probably say, Ms POT), why don’t you just post in a more timely fashion? Wellll, I paint my nails and take pics every day, but I save it all for 1-2x a week for posting, I just don’t have time to do it daily! But I love my blog and I love YOU ALL, and as long as I see people are reading, I am gonna keep posting! So please forgive my moments of senility? Oh yeah, here are the freakin’ pics!

Valentino – sun.


OH WAIT NOW I REMEMBER! The base here is Princess of Persia by Pomegranate, which I reviewed here! Whew!

So there you have it, my loves. A little PnP spam for ya. What do you think of these ones? Do tell! And thank you so much for reading <3

xo, ~t


22 thoughts on “Pretty & Polished Thursday: PnP Spam!

    • oh thank you Meredith! It is still a work in progress (I don’t like how some of the menus look, but not sure yet how to fix those). I wanted more photos to show up! Thanks again <3

  1. 1. I hate when glitter dangles off the nail. I take that as a personal affront, as if the glitter is mocking me.
    2. Majorly a fan of Slapper and Princess of Persia. Those are two cremes (or at least the BL is) that are just so perfect on their own, I’m not sure how I feel about the glitter topper.
    3. I’m a complete moron. It took me literally like ten minutes to figure out what Ms. POT meant. I’d say it’s been a long day (it has), but that’s so something I wouldn’t get on a good day either.

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