Saturday Spam: Awesome Cremes

Happy Saturday! Today I want to show you some amazing creme finishes! I love them all, but many I only got one good pic of (I should not wait and edit in batches, I know I know! But often times they look fine in the screen on my camera!)…some more than 1, but I just decided to give a big spammy lovefest to some cremes.

butter LONDON: Slapper. A gorg bright teal creme. Buttery (pun intended) formula, 2 coats.

Ciaté: Cabaret. A stunning muted grape. I know, I know, I am supposed to hate this brand because of the whole Caviar/Fish Egg mani mess…the shades I own from Ciaté I bought before that mess, and I held off on wearing them…but I already paid for them,  and damn if they are not heaven in a bottle. Sorry! Also, this is the base I used for yesterday’s Candeo Colors Orchid!

No Flash.


China Glaze: Exotic Encounters. Another teal creme, but instead of being bold and bright like Slapper, it is muted and dusty. I loved it on, but OMG DID IT STAIN. The first time a CG stained me. wtf, China Glaze? :( This was also the base I used for Dollish Polish Random Dancing. Yummy shade but not sure if I will wear it again due to staining.

Indoors, no flash.

Orly: Dayglow. From this summer’s neon collection, this technically is not a creme, as it has a blue shimmer, but the freaking shimmer is so invisible it is like a creme to me. So there :)

No flash.


And lastly, OPI: If You Moust, You Moust. Silly name but gorgeous creme from the Minnie Mouse collection. This one has a lot of photos, but I decided to include it anyway :)


No flash.


What can I say? These are all beauties! Do you own any of these? What are YOUR favourite cremes?

HAve a wonderful Saturday! <3

xo, ~t


29 thoughts on “Saturday Spam: Awesome Cremes

  1. Do you have Fly from OPI’s Nicki Minaj collection? The BL teal is gorgeous but I feel like it’s a dupe… I’m going to Sephora today and want to pick it up if you say they are different enough, haha.

  2. How weird that the CG stained on you, I didn’t have any issues with mine. Such a shame when you have to avoid a polish because it wrecks your nails (*ahem* OPI Ogre The Top Blue, which gave me the worst stains EVER!) I have Slapper coming in the mail–can’t wait!

  3. Ooooo cremes! Always love them :) They all look yummy, but I’d have to say Slapper is my fave mostly because of the name.

  4. Cremes with no glitter?? Color me surprised!

    But I loooove this post! Slapper is so awesome and that Ciate looks like butter (although, after the whole fish egg thing, I’m really turned off by them as well). You seriously rock the cremes, girly!

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  6. ~SIGH~ I absolutely ADORE Slapper, I can’t get enough of looking at it!! But it would look TERRIBLE and gaudy on me because of my skintone, it totally breaks my heart :(

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