Pretty & Polished Thursday: Amo Questa Canzone

Hello, Thursday! Must be time for another Pnp!

Amo Questa Canzone is one of Chelsea’s newer shades. Here is her description:

“Amo Questa Canzone” (In English: I Love this song). My grandfather is such a special person. He is Italian and this polish was made for him. To me he is a beautiful song and this is what I imagine his song would look like.

This polish has a very sheer purple shimmery base. The purple color is slightly grayed and reminds me of a spring rain storm. It has blue, purple, green, and pink glitters. It is best worn over another color.

I actually thought the base was more silver shimmer with teal flecks, but I am gonna go with the woman who made it! ;-) See what you think! As always, click on the photo to see full size and more detail!

Indoors, flash.

Indoors, no flash.


This was one coat over The Hungry Asian’s Zera (which will be reviewed soon!). I LOVE this polish!!! My only complaint is, the bigger glitters (especially the pinky/coppery ones) seemed to sink. I turned it upside down before I did this, but they sank quickly. I tried to flip upside down before each coat, but that is kinda hard with one hand and an unsecured cap. I still like it enough that I will keep using it and I am not terribly irritated, but I know Chelsea has reformulated other polishes because of sinking glitter (like the red in Jawbreaker) so perhaps there will be a slight change to this formulation.

What do you think of this weeks selection? Do you like polishes that are made for layering, and not to wear on their own?

Thanks so much for reading!

xo, ~t


19 thoughts on “Pretty & Polished Thursday: Amo Questa Canzone

      • I only have the two, I have a purple that is okay its not anything fancy to be honest imo. but the other one, Avalanche, I LOVE IT. its a clear with teeny sparnkles and its not an overdoing it glitter which I am used to. it has medium sized circle glitters and then large and the larger ones tend to stay at bottom. if it wasn’t for that.. :( but I really do love that one.
        In general the polishes are nicely packaged, cute labels, nice brush, and smooth application, i think it just the purple I picked, I have so many purples to compare it to, it wasn’t anything “special” to me. Its kind of a gray/purple. but for sure check out Avalanche!
        the one thing that sucks is she only restocks on the 7th of each month at a certain time each month and you have to be QUICK or its sold out till next month.. :/

  1. I’ve always been so pleasantly surprised with your swatches of PnP but this doesn’t do it for me. Love Zera on you though! What a gorgeous grey.

  2. I like polishes that are just for layering but I think I need to keep them separate. Despite the sinking glitters it is pretty.

    • Yeah. It was a bummer. Fortunately, most of my other polishes have been pretty amazing by this brand so I guess a not-so-perfect one every now and then is ok! :)

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