Pretty & Polished Thursday: Dalmatian Nation

Hello dears and welcome to another PnP Thursday! :-)

Today I would like to show you one of Chels more recent shades – also reminds me of Oreos!

Dalmatian Nation is a white crelly with black speckles and large black circle glitter. It has the same amazing finish as all of her polishes. My only complaint is the large glitters need to be fished out, and then placing them seem to sort of mess up the smoothness. But if I tried to smooth out anything around it, polish covered the large glitters and they sort of disappeared.

Also, I have REALLY curved nailbeds and sometimes they did not lay super flat. For these reasons it is not at the top of my list, but I have some ideas on using just the main polish, omitting the large circles, and then putting a certain topcoat over it!

These are 2 coats.


No Flash.

Unfortunately, my sun photos were not so good :( It has actually been very cloudy out, and I forgot to change some settings on my camera, so they were cloudy AND blurry. Oops! However, it really did not look that much different outdoors.

What do you think of this weeks polish?

Thanks so much for reading! <3

xo, ~t


13 thoughts on “Pretty & Polished Thursday: Dalmatian Nation

  1. Yeah, not a fan of the larger pieces, but absolutely love the polish otherwise. I’ve always had an odd weakness for things that look like cookies and cream (and taste like cookies and cream).

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