Deborah Lippmann – Ray of Light

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a Lippmann to show you, it came out a few months ago but I only recently wore it!

This is called Ray of Light and is an indigo jelly with holographic flakes that shift from orange to green to copper! The formula was a major PITA :-( But, the end result was pretty lovely!

2 coats, sun.

Sun, again.

Unfortunately, I wore this a few weeks ago and only recently got to taking these off my camera (I have 3 or 4 memory cards laying around so I grab one and then realise I have oooold swatches on it, oops!), so I only now saw that the indoors and flash pics were pretty crap and not suitable for the blog :-(

Honestly? I am not sure if I will wear this again! It was such a pain, and while pretty, I guess it did not WOW me like I was hoping it would.

What do you think of this polish? Do you own it?

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, ~t


27 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann – Ray of Light

  1. I think its very pretty but for the hassle you can just pick a similar blue and use Essie’s Shrine of the Tides looks close enough to me, if you really wanted to match it. sucks when they are a pain to work with :(

    • Yeah, it’s a bummer. I am debating putting polish thinner in it. I mean, yeah it was expensive but if I won’t wear it anyway, I guess a little experimentation wouldn’t hurt?

  2. One of my friends got this and said the same thing about the formula. That sucks, especially given how pricey DL’s polishes are. I’ve been thinking of frankening/layering a dupe of this–probably pretty doable.

    • I think I need to do the same! I love the shade, but I feel like what few times I have seen this online, others had the same complaint. Maybe that is also why I have not seen it much on blogs!

  3. I’ve only tried one DL before and it was a jelly so the formula wasn’t anything to complain about. But I imagine once they start adding all the glitzy bits, things get a bit tricky. On the plus side, it does look gorgeous. I’d recommend trying again before putting this to pasture.

  4. I was totally lemming for this. However, it looks good on you. But I do agree its definitely not on the WOW factor.

  5. This is beautiful on you. Sorry to hear about the formula. I feel like you shouldn’t have to thin a polish right away if it’s new and spent $18 on it :0/

  6. The idea of this polish is FANTASTIC, and I do think it’s quite pretty, but I feel the same about it as you – is it worth it? I looked at it in-store and just couldn’t pull the trigger to buy it, something held me back. Seems I made the right decision! But, it does look great on your Tara! :)

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