Pretty & Polished Thursday: Candy Coated!

Hi! Happy Thursday! :)

Today’s PnP is one I wore quite a while ago, but I wish I still had it on!

This is Candy Coated, one of my very first PnP purchases. It is a creamy pink base which has that awesome opaqueness but shows through the layers to look like a glitter sandwich!  It has various sizes of purple glitter, as well as some pink holo glitter.

Indoors, flash.

Indoors, no flash.

My usually shy right hand was forced to come out of hiding for this. I had noticed after application that some of the bigger glitters had sunk to the bottom,  so after turning it upside-down I noticed more of the pink holo goodness was showing more on my right hand!

Pardon the awkward hand pose. She doesn’t get out much.

It was so smooth, and shiny, and perfect application – I left it on for 3 days! This was during my jury duty a couple weeks ago (I stared at it a lot while sitting around a lot between rounds of questioning).

Do you have this one? What do you think of it?

Thanks so much for stopping by! <3

xo, ~t


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