Chanel Distraction

Happy Sunday funday! I have a quickie for you today…I was holding off on posting this as I am not in love with the photos, but I decided to just show you anyway and maybe soonish I can wear it again and take new ones, because I sure do love it!

This Chanel polish is called Distraction, and it is from their recent collection, Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection 2012. There are 4 in this collection, and I picked up 2 (this one and Frisson). Distraction is a lovely salmon shade, which I do not usually go for, but it has an amazing fuchsia shimmer to it which is to die for.

I had a hard time capturing it on the nail, but hopefully the bottle shot will show it better! It was 2 easy coats; the application was a dream, though the shimmer does not translate well on to the nail which was a bit of a bummer for me. Still love it though and will probably wear it again. I do have much higher hopes for Frisson, though!


Bottle shot.

Have a wonderful day! xo, ~t


21 thoughts on “Chanel Distraction

  1. I’m opposite you Tara – I’d like it better without the shimmer! LOL I think this is a great shade and if I’d realized the shimmer wasn’t so apparent I probably would have picked it up (haha).

  2. I’m such a fan of corals like this and actually like the subtle shimmer. While I think this flatters your skin tone, I think I’d appreciate it more if the polish was a smidgen darker.

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