Julep Swatch Spam! Also, Candy Lacquer!

Hello! Happy Sunday! :D

Today I have a bunch of Julep swatches to show you, just sort of in a big spammy post. Sort of like how Julep comes out with colours, eh? No real collection ;-) As much as I have been hating on Julep lately, most of these I adore.

This is going to be pic-heavy, so please click through to read more!

Let’s get the one I hate out of the way first, shall we? Julep wpuld not be Julep without another streaky, frosty mess, haha! May I present to you, Leighton:


Not like a bright silver, yet not quite gunmetal, Leighton has so, so many possibilities. But look at the streaks! I may try this under something, because the shade really is lovely. This was done at night so this is with flash…I think the true shade is closer to the bottle (which is slightly out of focus in this macro shot but does not have the flash hitting it). Oh, Julep. You should do less frosty and more foil.

Like Sienna!

Hey lovely!

I got Sienna with Leighton actually, in a holiday set or something. There was a 3rd one, and I cannot remember it, nor do I care to go look and see if it is still online. Anyway, the bad part of this is I got a defective bottle – it was labeled basecoat and has no balls in it! And it separates like OMFG. The good – after shaking it for what felt like 30 minutes, I got it mixed, and no bubbles! I should just find a polish I hate (like my very first Twinsie Tuesday post shade!), drain it, and throw those balls in there. I really like this one! 2 easy coats, and even though I see a few brushstrokes here it really was not there in person. I was doing all these swatches last weekend when I was home alone, at like 1am Saturday night/Sunday morning and was having trouble with lighting. All of these shades I wore either pre-blog or close to it so I was just doing a swatchfest and then trying something new, which I will get to at the bottom, cuz you gotta save the best for last, right?!?

Anyway, all that to say that this is an awesome gold foil, and I hate gold. Well not HATE, just if I am going for a replication of a precious metal in my lacquer it is usually silver or platinum.

Next, we have Gwen:

As pretty as the woman she was named after.

A yummy, squishy red jelly packed with small red glitter. I almost think they may be sorta flakie but very very small. As I have mentioned before, I take photos the day/night I do my nails, but sometimes I do not get to getting the pics off my camera right away, so I forget! :) Also this is why my manis are not in the order I wear them, and not always current either (my Twinsie Tuesday post from this past week was something I think I wore in April! Or at least the VERY beginning of May!). This is very similar to Bettina’s Radiance, which the lovely Amanda from Amandalandish posted about recently, but a tad darker. This photo had flash on it, of course, so below here is a non-flash photo. It is almost darker than I think it really looked, BUT closer to the real shade. Does that even make sense? It is somewhere between these 2 I guess, but the glitter really shows through like in the first photo as opposed to this. Squishy dark red jelly = WIN!

No flash. But, in person you can definitely see the glitter more!

Last, but not least, Diane!

This is going to be hard to see (it was SO hard to photograph), but Diane is a blackened green JELLY. It is soooooo cool! It is very similar to SOPI’s Dark Room, but the thing I did not like about that one (I own it) was it is a creme and just seems to fall flat. I think that this is a jelly adds a texture to it that really helps! Maybe one day I will do a comparison of the two. *adds note to self*

Please excuse the stains, it does stain. Be careful with applying!

So I really really love this shade. But, I wanted to see what more could be done with it. On Saturday (the day I did these), I received my very first Candy Lacquer order! I completely forgot how many I ordered, haha. I thought I got 2 or 3, I got 6!!! Oops! ;-)

I put Gold Nuggets over it, which is lovely gold shards/flakes suspended in a clear base. In some lights the base almost looked gold-ish, and I am not sure if it was due to the lighting, or if the colour from the shards is melting off a bit, but it definitely went on clear. Look at me with 2 golds in 1 post!


It is just SO nice on, you really need to see it. Although, I realised as I am typing this up, I should have tried a jelly sandwich with this! *makes note to self to do that when I do the Diane/Dark Room comparison* I bet it’ll look awesome.

Well, there you have it, some Julep love!

Do you own any of these shades? Do you have any must-haves from Julep?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy your Sunday :)

xo, ~t


18 thoughts on “Julep Swatch Spam! Also, Candy Lacquer!

  1. Gwen and Diane are both so gorgeous!! I really like Gold Nuggets!
    A suggestion I found online that works for me, is to use a sponge over really streaky nail polish. What I do is I apply most of the layers of a streaky nail polish, then add the last one or two layers with a sponge, and although it dulls the shine a little bit, it almost completely eradicates all lines!! :D

    • I did that with my Gap polish last week, and it does work! It is kind of a PITA to me, but I am sure I will do it when it is a shade that I really like :)

  2. After all the crap that Julep has done, there’s no excuse for polish that’s that little and $14 to apply like that. I’d call and complain. A lot.

  3. Gwen, oohhhh, it’s so pretty! I’m not even a big red girl, but it just looks stunning! I haven’t tried any Julep shades but maybe this one I’ll give a go :)

    • I love it, and I am SUPER picky about my reds! I love red, but it’s gotta be a creme or jellie for me…very rarely do I like red glitter (usually at the holidays! With that said, I recently got a Lynnderella red, but I am not sure if I want to keep it!).

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