butter LONDON (BL) — The Black Knight.

Happy NYE everyone! What are you wearing on your nails to end out the year? Whether you are going out or staying in, I bet you fellow lacquer lovers have something special on! Post pics/links in comments! :)


For me, I am wearing bL’s Limited Edition holiday 2011 colour, The Black Knight. bL describes it as, “A dark dazzler from butter LONDON, this glitter fusion contains black, pink, blue, and silver suspended in a black base. *Limited Edition*” I picked it up a couple months ago after I saw it on Kat (who was not as much of a fan as I, hopefully she will post her take if she still has the pics!) and I tried it on my toes right away.


It still has the issues every bL glitter has, th0ugh not as bad. Not quite as chunky/thick/hard to apply. I put 3 coats on my toes to make it opaque, and it looked bad on some. This time. I decided to put a black base on then do 1-2 coats of TBK on it in the hopes of smoothing it out. It worked!


I used Black Creme by Wet n Wild because it is the blackest black and most awesome one-coater (and great for nail art because of this!) I have found. And for a buck, you can’t beat the price! I used about 1 1/2 coats of TBK – I say that because some nails looked good with one coat, others needed a little extra help.


Direct sunlight


Indoors under light


This is the bL colour I have been the most happy with. I am hoping to take pics with my D90 when I get home, if I have time – I am running out the door to get my hair and brows done, then off to a party this evening – AND right next door to my salon is a place that sells bL polish…I need to try a creme because as I have mentioned in the past my 5 or so bL colours are all glitters and I am just not thrilled with the consistency.


So if I have time between hair and leaving for the party, I will try to post better pics! I think my iPhone takes fine pics (it is 8MP after all, what is my D90, 10 or 12?) but I like using the 35 or 50mm lens for better detail.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope we all have a wonderful 2012 :-)


xo, ~t


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